Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening

Grow Self-Reliance Thru Your OWN Biodynamic Organics- STOP Paying High Prices, STOP Buying Tasteless Chemical Fruits & Veg!

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Note: This is the SECOND course in a TWO-COURSE series.
Students must be enrolled in
The Essential BioDynamics- (which offers the specific tools necessary to complete this course)
before enrolling in Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening.

THIS is a full on-site, hands-on intensive, showing how YOU can take control of your own environment and food supply, simply by growing the highest quality food- best flavour, highest nutritional content, shortest time, minimal blights & infestations...using sensible, ancient wisdoms & the materials you have around you.

This is about sensible, easy, natural farming. and why should growing food ever be different?

This course is for action-fun people, who are wired for Personal Power- to run their own show, their own simpl life, with good sense front & center.

This is Ladakhi Organic Farming utilizing BioDynamics (BD), or the cosmic dance which infuses, flows throughout Life on our mother planet. What does that mean.......you simply-

Know how the BD rythmns and calendar guide us into the highest-probability, best-results days for doing everything related to our beautiful farm- or tomatoes in the windowbox- throughout every season.

Everything you need for SimPLy growing your own food- detailed on-site videos, storydocs & infotools, coming to you LIVE from high-desert (himalayan Ladakh), tropical (Thailand) and temperate climes (Korea): planning & creating, planting, nutrifying, watering & cultivation- and of course, the Glorious Harvest.

Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for assured farming results...Career farmers, backyard hobbyists, avid foodies or community leaders, urban or rural, will find this creatively fun & essential!

Course Goals
  • GROW your own Organic Food, SimPLy, with a minimum of Effort
  • ENGAGE in active discussion, for Experienced Solutions to your particular Food-growing needs
  • PARTNER with Cosmos: Assure your Growing Efforts receive the most favorable Farming Conditions
  • DESIGN and CREATE your own high-yield, water & nutrient conserving Organic Farm
  • SEE working Bio-Organic, Ladakhi method farms in Ladakh, Thailand & South Korea
  • HARVEST & Store your optimally-Grown, highly nutritious Produce
  • APPLY the Ladakhi Bio-Organic method to URBAN & space-confined conditions
  • SCHEDULE your farm Activities in sync with Cosmic Rhythms
  • PLANT, Cultivate, Enrich, Thin, Transplant, & Water: hows & whens of the Daily Details
  • TEST your BioDynamics knowledge in real-life Farming Scenarios
  • CREATE and Apply Soil Treats- Composts, liquid Slurries, green & animal Manure
  • EXPERIENCE not required! Only a willingness for Personal Adventure
  • INDIVIDUALS who understand the Importance of Self-Reliance and Personal Power
  • TAKE-CHARGE people, able to lift a Farming Hoe or carry a basket full of Produce
  • HANDS-ON ENTREPENEURS who know the Value of being the Go-To Expert
  • FOODIES who long for the Joy of tasting Vital, Organic Produce as Nature has Evolved them
  • NURTURERS, who long for the Joy of watching plants GROW
  • QUALITY FANS FED UP! with washed-out, Lifeless, or packaged commercial Produce and Food Products
  • SOCIAL BEINGS who feel the Joy of sharing Good Food with Others
  • COMMUNICATORS of Great Ideas
  • ACTIVE FOLKS who want to have good FUN Exercise!

  • Anyone who is NOT prepared to ACT, to WORK or PLAY in their own Farming Creations
  • Anyone who is NOT prepared to achieve FOOD FREEDOM, by use of their Own Hands
  • Anyone who only wishes for 'technical information', status or bragging rights
  • EXPERIENCE not required! Only a willingness for Personal Adventure
  • The Core Concept here is Self-Reliance: not dependent on Proletariat-targeted, Corporate- profit solutions for what YOU can Achieve. STRIVE for Flight by your own Wings and we'll help you get there!
  • All pertinent Info & Links will be supplied, to support your Efforts & Research. Questions? USE your Instructor to FILL IN what is missing!
  • FarmField needs: A piece of Land is ideal, otherwise multiple Containers work just fine...
  • Soil Builder needs: Organic Materials such as local manures, dried grasses or grains; vegetable Scraps from kitchen, restaurant or yard
  • Water needs: Natural water supply (river, stream, canal) or water mains (piped-in supply, hose etc)
  • The Bio-Farmer's BEST TOOL List:
  • a BioDynamics Calendar (free online, links provided)
  • A Sturdy Farming Hoe, a hand Digger or Trowel, a Bucket or two
  • Experienced Clothing: Gloves, Sunhat, long-sleeved cotton Shirt, tough bare Feet, old Shoes
  • BUDDIES to help you have FUN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (group projects are always BEST)
  • ....a SMILE

Your Instructor

im Simpl
im Simpl

who am i

Engineer, instructor, builder/designer/filmmaker/healer/actor/musician/farmer and world-wandering wordweaver, im has been sojourning, building, planting, writing and teaching for over 30 years.

In 1991, prior to the dawn of certification, im created SimPL as a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase, amidst the growing apathy and consumption-fetish now gripping the general human population.

SimPLife is the practice of natural living, with the intention of supporting and preserving the purity & sanctity of sensible lifestyle: project builds and life-skills courses (permaculture & biodynamics-based), organic farming, natural building & life masterplanning.

To date, there have been SimPLife builds or courses in Ladakh, Turkey, Spain, USA, Thailand, Ecuador, Korea, Phillipines, Guyana and England.

im's professional certifications include:

BS Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Engineering
Permaculture Designer/Instructor
LEED Accredited Professional
Solar PV Designer/Installer, SEI
Reconnection Healing Practitioner/ Reiki Master
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, SOLO
Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What is the SimPLife website?

our URL: http://www.thesimplife.com

Sure, please give us a look! this website is forever being updated, don't mind the mess but contact us with any questions or ideas.

SimPLife was founded in 1991, as a short-term contract & volunteer community assistance organization, and has engaged in projects and courses all over the planet.

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