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  What's To Learn in SimPLife

SimPLife is steeped in permaculture and biodynamics principles- and put into everyday practical context- via blogs, lectures, and hands-on course videos.

in this vid:
WHY BOTHER with SimPL & SimPLife, and why it has existed, from the planet-wandering,internetless beginnings in 1991 up till now.

discussed is the extent of what SimPL gets into, and a course lineup, for existing and upcoming practices.

at the risk of getting too declarative- please know that
we humans can arrange to fix the collective ecosystems of this entire planet, in a one-year period of design and planning.

you might be shocked to see how relatively few dedicated folks are actually needed.

provided we remove the global blocks that we have allowed to assert themselves into our midst.

these preventions are not only the usual control-freak corporate baddies. we live in a growing global attitude which prizes the intellect, yet considers hands-on, or the use of hands to effect one's craft and livelihood as something degraded, and reserved for the mass proletariat of lower intelligence.

Robert Greene in his book, Mastery, considers this a severely counterproductive value in today's world, as in fact our brains evolved in conjunction with the hand.

pitiful it is to consider that the life-staple, farming, as example is perhaps the least sexy of topics one may nowadays choose, to incite a continuing chat with another. yet the conversation picks up when we shift to culinary matters- or which restaurant is our favourite. here we see yet again, that earth and the modern human, are just not seeing eye to eye.

efforts like SimPL see time and again, that the major disease most humans have chosen to participate in is APATHY.

A close second is FEAR.
you may see this one most often played out as cynicism, or denial.

IF this isn't you- stick around, there is good dialogue indeed to be had!

and now you know, if you wonder why to bother with SimPLife- or why SimPLife bothers- with any of this life-enriching fun we offer.

do a favor? take notes and comment!!